About us

‏ AyA CHIC is a luxury brand that combines modern design with traditional craftsmanship to create timeless pieces. The establishment of the brand started in 2007, our first store opened in 2009, and the second branch opened in 2010.

‏ With all its meticulous attention to texture and detail, each Abaya is designed to be cherished and invested that you will likely preserve and pass down through the generations.

‏AyaChic is a distinct aesthetic that combines feminine ease with the authentic Arabic beauty that is revived in all of its collections.

‏ Because of its sublime meaning, Aya Shek combines the word Aya, derived from the Arabic words that mean a mark and influence the brand by preserving originality and supporting craftsmanship, and the word Chic, which means with its elegant and unique pieces for everyone who chooses it.


Eman Altaweel

Bringing out unique yet trendy Abaya Collection in exhibition season after season, Eman Altaweel has come to be recognized as an emerging fashion designer in Kuwait. She began her fashionable journey in design in 2007 mainly focusing on customers keen to brighten up their Seasonal wardrobe.

Soon after, she found herself inspired and driven into designing evening Abaya, but Eman specialized in evening-wear Abaya after much exploration of originality and tremendous work involved in creating casual and practical pieces.

Eman has made a name for herself having dressed many fashion bloggers here in Kuwait, as well as Dubai, Doha, and Saudi Arabia. She is also one of the leading exhibitors on Boutiqaat, the e-retailers of exclusive pieces from an array of Arab Designers.

Eman’s vision is creating a  brand that is high in quality yet price-reasonable. When Luxury Fits All.