General terms and conditions

  1. Behaviours and public morals The basis of the relationship in our stores is based on ethics, mutual respect, and the preservation of customs and traditions recognized in our societies, and the decent appearance and attention to hygiene must be preserved, and the worker must adhere to decent dress throughout the work period.
  2.  Honesty, honesty and transparency All employees of any doubts are committed to honesty, honesty and transparency during the selling process, as the principle of transparency is one of the priorities of our work and the main building of our customer base.
  3. Good listening The presence of communication channels between the worker and the buyer creates a sound work environment that makes the buying and selling process positive for both parties, and it is a fundamental pillar in dealing with the workers of any checks with our valued customers.
  4. Respect and appreciation Any check aims to enhance the spirit of respect and appreciation with our valued customers, so it is not permissible in any way to reduce the respect of our valued customers.
  5. Confidence in dealing Since the establishment of the place of any doubt, trust has been the basis of dealing with our valued customers, and all employees of any doubt must make every effort to respect and enhance this trust.
  6. Efficiency Ai Chik shop offers the finest types of goods and products, as our goods are built on innovation, distinction and uniqueness.
  7. Development and creativity Any check shop is distinguished by the continuous development of its goods in line with the rapid development in the world of fashion and in line with the continuous change in the general taste of society.